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The fiberglass swimming pool should never be emptied. If there is a requirement for the fiberglass pool to be emptied, for warranty reasons you should first consult the Blue Bay Pools to advise on the situation.

Yes, all swimming pools can lift out of the ground this includes, vinyl, Gunite, and fiberglass. This will happen when ground water surrounds an empty vessel also known as your swimming pool that is higher than the water level inside the pool.

Our swimming pools come with a lifetime structural warranty. The gelcoat finish warranty is 15 years. Please refer to warranty structure for full reference.

Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools LLC. boasts one of the largest and most modern ranges in the fiberglass pool industry. Consisting of many pool styles, a range of spas and tanning ledges to complement our pools.

Barrier Reef fiberglass swimming pools are smooth and safe. Unlike other materials, fiberglass is not abrasive. There are no sharp or dangerous edges.

Yes, fiberglass is compatible with saltwater systems.

The gel coat finish enables the pools to be a stain resistant smooth surface which cleans easily and requires less maintenance. However, improper care and maintenance can impact the look of your pool. Maintaining the proper pool chemistry is very important for the health of any pool.

Are you considering an in-ground swimming pool project for your backyard or even an indoor pool? Many people are unaware that there are three types of in-ground swimming pools. In-ground pools come in three types, and they are concrete, vinyl liner and fiberglass. At Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools, we manufacture and sell fiberglass pools. Once […]

Our Barrier Reef fiberglass pools are built using the best manufacturing technologies and processes on the market. Our pools are the strongest and most durable on the market. Our pools are also manufactured in South Carolina. You can learn more about our manufacturing process.

Yes, our pools come with a limited lifetime structural warranty and our gel coat is warranted against blistering for a total of 15 years.

We offer a wide variety of swimming pools. We offer rectangular pools, free form pools, swim spas, spas, tanning ledges and more. Our pools come in a variety of sizes and are designed to fit in any environment, both indoor and outdoor. Our pools can also be used in commercial settings. To learn more about […]

We incorporate the best design features and finishes available in the fiberglass pool industry. Modern styles and lifestyle components such as integrated stairs, tanning ledges and wrap around party seating will accommodate any design flavor and taste. We also pride ourselves in our innovative products and designs that have been featured in several magazines. To […]

Our fiberglass pool models come in seven different “Shimmer” colors. These colors add a dramatic effect to your pool and gives your pool that WOW factor. Another way to get more color is to have LED lights installed into the fiberglass wall.

Your pool can be customized with a wide variety of accessories and options including salt water systems, fountains, waterfalls, spillover spas, automatic pool cleaners, multi-color LED lighting, swim jet systems, fire and water features, and many custom decking features including stamped concrete, travertine, natural stone and more.

The cost of a fiberglass pool can vary depending upon the size and the features your project requires. Overall, fiberglass pools have a lower total cost of ownership versus concrete or vinyl liner pools. At Barrier Reef USA, we work with several reputable lenders that offer great rates for financing, so getting into a fiberglass pool […]

There are many reasons to choose Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools as your swimming pool provider. Perhaps the best reason is to hear directly from the dealers that install our pools. Watch this video to hear more from our dealers.

Our pools come pre-formed with all the features that you’ve come to expect already included. When you purchase your pool, it will arrive ready to be installed and in the color of your choice. Our pools can be installed rather quickly once the hole has been dug and your installer has everything ready to go.

Fiberglass pools are very safe. They have a nice smooth finish and are easy on the feet, shins, and knees. Our pools have entry steps and safety ledges, but it’s always recommended to add additional hand rails to make entry and exit easier for small children and the elderly.

Yes, there are thousands of fiberglass pools in the ground across the Unites States and the world. We have never had an issue with our pools in either cold or hot weather conditions. Like most valuable investments, a fiberglass pool requires care and maintenance and should provide years of fun and excitement for your family.

We offer the Outback Escape. The Outback Escape is a hybrid fiberglass pool that can be used as a swim spa, a plunge pool, or a fitness pool. This new pool model is a versatile pool for many reasons and takes up a much smaller footprint when compared to a traditional in-ground swimming pool. These […]

We offer three models with lounger ledges, the Whitsunday, Coral Sea and Outback. The lounger ledge offers a great space for lounging in the sun and relaxing without being immersed in the water. Think of it as a float in the water that you can sit on, lounge on and lay down on.

Fiberglass pools are fun for everyone. Kids, physically challenged, elderly, adults and teens. Our fiberglass pools are designed with safety in mind, however it’s important to take the necessary precautions for those swimming pool users that may be susceptible to injury.

Yes, our fiberglass pool models are installed in both indoor and outdoor applications. We work with very creative installers who can make your dream pool a reality. Let your imagination run wild and let your installer guide you throughout the project.

In most circumstances you will contact us directly to handle problems that arise with your pool. It’s unusual for something to be directly wrong with the pool, but if it requires the manufacturer attention, we will work with them to help get you back into the water and having fun.

We do not.  We don’t sell any pool or spa chemicals.

Your pool will be delivered by the installer that you purchased the pool from. A truck will deliver the pool and based on your property layout the pool may need to be lifted over your home into the backyard. We’ve even seen a project where the pool was delivered via a pontoon and then positioned […]

Yes, there are certain weather conditions necessary to install your pool properly.  We will create a schedule that works best for everyone.

Yes, you can. We manufacture add on and stand-alone fiberglass hot tub for your swimming pool installation project. Our fiberglass spas are built using the same technology we use to build our pools, so you will be secure in knowing that our spas are built to last.

In most cases a scratch can be buffed out. We have the equipment and the expertise to take care of this. It’s important to note that not all scratches can be fixed but a scratch should not have any effect on the ability to have fun in your swimming pool.

You will not need a permit to purchase one of our fiberglass pools, but you may need one to have the pool installed. Each local juristiction is different so, it’s best to speak with us about your town and we can help you with local codes to ensure your pool gets installed legally and without […]

Fiberglass pools will not leak as they come as one pre-formed piece. Unlike concrete, which can crack and fall apart over time. If a leak is detected it’s most likely from incorrect installation, which can be fixed in most cases.

Fiberglass pools will not rust as they are made of fiberglass materials. Unlike vinyl liner pools which often use steel wall construction. There are no metal pieces to a fiberglass pool.

No, they do not sell direct to customers. You can purchase a Barrier Reef fiberglass pool through Blue Bay Pools to have it installed locally.

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